Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well the new semester is about to start and has it been exciting. Classes were suppose to start last Wednesday but were postponed till Monday because of the ice storm. I returned to Springfield last Friday to beat the storm, I did but then I got to enjoy all of the after effects. First off, all of Drury, as well as most of Springfield lost power. Then as you walk around there were tree limbs falling everywhere wreaking all sorts of havoc. The first night Patrick, Bob, and I spend the night at Bob's parents house, the next day it lost power. The next night we stayed at James Couch's house along with JAG (James also). We left and two hours after that they lost power. The third night we stayed at Josh's parents house where they had a generator. Then the remaining nights we stayed at the FSC (Finley Student Center) where they had power from a generator and mattresses for us to sleep on. We finally got power back Wednesday night for a total of six days without power in our apartment. Also Phase I and Phase II of College Park (I live in Phase II) were the last places on campus to regain power. Then Thursday we discovered that some pipes has burst and that we didn't have water pressure, but it returned later that afternoon. So lets just say I have an interesting return to Drury.


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